Sunday, November 25, 2012


Pages: 113 (approx)
Date: 25/11/2012
Grade: 4
Details: no. 2 Bondage and Breakfast
              Received from Carina Press
              Through NetGalley

After a less than great relationship with worse than horrible man Bella Massey knows what she wants. She wants to be in charge. She wants a man who will kneel in front of her; a man she can tie up; a man who will do exactly what she wants him to do. One look at Markus Aiello convinces her that, attractive as he is, this fire-fighter won’t be the man to fulfil her fantasies.
Markus may look like a tough man, fully in charge of his life but he has hidden desires. Deep down he would love for a woman to take control; to tell him what to do occasionally. This is not a desire he’s prepared to admit to though.
As Bella and Markus get to know each other better and grow closer, their insecurities continue to put obstacles in their way. They may think they know what they want, but do they really? And how are they ever going to admit to each other exactly what it is they feel, need and want? It will take a near disaster followed by a steamy night in a very special B & B for the two of them to acknowledge that what they want and need is each other, regardless of who is in charge.

This was a charming erotic romance. I realise that my description seems to imply there is little to this story except sex, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the intimacy that does occur on these pages his beautiful, very erotic and understated. And it doesn’t make up the main part of the story either. There are funny, heated and touching encounters between Bella and Markus. There is soul-searching on both their parts. But most of all there are the three old ladies Bella plays cards with. I loved Myrtle, Edna and Alice. Not one of them younger than 80 years of age and all three of them, not only actively encouraging Bella and Markus to get together but also pushing them to give in to what ever desires they might have.

I really enjoyed this little, light-hearted erotic novel. The story flowed and the characters felt real. There was conflict between them but nothing forced or over the top. Marcus’ and Bella’s insecurities felt plausible and made the story more realistic. No sudden conversions from one sensual appetite into another in this book. The characters learned about each other and about themselves as they went together along a not altogether smooth road.

This was a very satisfying read to spend a lazy Sunday with and I can see myself paying this rather special B & B another visit in the not too distant future.

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