Saturday, August 11, 2012


Pages: 150 (approx)
Date: 11/08/2012
Grade: 4
Details: no. 1 Masters of Shadowlands

This is a work of pure erotica, and this review should be read or ignored with that firmly in mind.

When Jessica Randall’s car ends up in a ditch during a tropical storm the nearest house is long, wet mile away. Once she arrives at the front door of the isolated house she’s wet, shivering and miserable.
When the door is opened, Jessica finds herself face-to-face with a doorman reluctant to let her in. It is only after he has summoned someone he calls Master Z that Jessica is given the choice to either enter the club on the premises or spend the rest of the night in the cold lobby with the grumpy doorman. If she decides to enter the club though, she will have to sign a contract.
Faced with a choice between the cold lobby and the potentially warm club Jessica doesn’t have to think long and, crucially, neglects to read the full contract before signing it.
Once inside and accompanied by the very handsome, very unsettling and very mysterious Z Jessica discovers that she has signed herself into a private club on bondage night. And while Jessica is shocked by the interactions between the Doms and their subs she can’t deny that she also finds in arousing. But Jessica is an accountant, independent and has never found sex particularly exciting or satisfying. Surely she doesn’t have a submissive bone inside her body.

Zachary, better known as Master Z is fascinated by the young woman who has stumbled into his club. And while he soon has reasons to question the wisdom of his decision to allow Jessica inside, he is happily surprised when he sees her interest in and arousal from the scenes around her. And surely there can’t be any harm in introducing the woman to the delights she has obviously been missing out on so far?

As stated above, this is a work of pure erotica. Although there is a story-line here and some character development, most if not all the action is of a sexual nature.
There were some parts of this story that I really appreciated.
I liked that Jessica is a woman with body-issues who has trouble believing that anyone could find her really attractive because she “knows” she’s just not slim enough. I also liked the independent and protective streak in her, even if it constantly ended her up in trouble.
I’m a bit more dubious about Master Z. Initially I thought he was charming and considerate and it was only upon reflection, after finishing the book, that I started to have doubts about his apparent ability to read people’s minds and know what they really want, even if they haven’t admitted it to themselves yet.
I also have my doubts about how realistic the speed with which Jessica’s conversion took place actually is.

Having said all that, the story is well written and very easy to read. And no matter my issues with the characters I did find them and the interactions between them intriguing. Intriguing enough, in fact, to have already wish-listed the second book in this series.

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