Sunday, August 5, 2012


Pages: 269 (Paperback)
Date: 05/08/2012
Grade: 4
Details: Edition contains two novellas
            Received from Hydra Publications
            Through NetGalley

This book consists of two stories:

Tempt Me’ is a story about Rocki Monroe, young widow, designer of lingerie and owner of a lingerie shop. It has been five years since she lost her police officer husband and during all that time she’s never met a man who could interest her. That changes when Cole Stanton walks into her shop with his rather nasty fiancée Mara. One look at this man has Rocki unsettled, but he is not a free man and therefore out-of-bounds.
Cole Stanton knows his relationship with Mara is not what it used to be and not what he wants for the rest of his life. It takes meeting the very sexy Rocki Monroe though to fully open his eyes, recognise what sort of a person Mara really is and end his engagement.
When Cole and Rocki get together sparks fly and the heat is palatable, but with Rocki’s violent stalker returning after an absence of years and Mara not so easily disregarded, the two will need more than just the attraction between them to get and stay together.

Beg Me’ is Tania Sinclair’s story. Three years ago her husband and soul-mate died in an accident, an event that left her heartbroken. A year later her former husband’s twin-brother broke into her house in the middle of the night and used her sexual fantasies, the memories she still had of her husband, against her during a violent attack. Now, two years later, on the anniversary of that attack Tania is still broken. She used to love being made to beg for sex, now she can’t even fantasize about her husband anymore without the memory turning him into his evil twin. But Tania is ready to take back her life and her sexual fantasies and the only person she trusts enough to make this happen is Drake Bennett, her husband’s best friend.
What Tania doesn’t know is that Drake has loved her and lusted for her for as long as he’s known her. And while he’d do anything for her, giving her the help she needs might just break him.

These were two enjoyable and well written stories. Although neither story is long – in fact, I wouldn’t have complained if especially ‘Trust Me’ had been longer – they do provide the reader with a good background story and enough character description to make the reader connect with the main protagonists.
Although both these stories are examples of erotic fiction, there are clear differences between them. ‘Trust Me’ has relative little and rather run of the mill sexual relations between its two main characters. Their relationship is steamy and hot but not anything you wouldn’t find a lot of modern romances.
‘Beg Me’ on the other hand is far more risqué and explicit. Because the main character’s fantasies centre around rape-scenarios this is the sort of story that could leave some readers feeling a bit uncomfortable.
On the other hand, both stories put the sexual scenes in enough plausible contexts to make it easy for the reader to believe in what’s happening on the page. The only reservation I have in that regard is that due to the relative shortness of the stories things developed a bit too fast for me.

Overall I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed these two stories and that I will definitely have a look at other novels/stories by this author. She writes a good story with interesting characters and exciting descriptions; what’s not to like?

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