Monday, June 11, 2012


Pages: 87 (approx)
Date: 11/06/2012
Grade: 4+
Details: Received from Carina Press
            Through NetGalley

Marine lieutenant Talia Barnett is home on leave for a few days over thanksgiving and doesn’t expect anybody to welcome her at the airport. The surprise she experiences when she sees her friend Angie Brodie and Angie’s brother Liam waiting for her is both pleasant and uncomfortable. Talia has been attracted to Liam for as long as she’s known him but has never allowed her feelings to rule her behaviour towards him. Between deployments far away and a family secret she’s not willing or able to share with anyone, there is just no room in her life for a close relationship, no matter how attractive the man.
Liam Brody is a former Marine and has been suppressing his attraction to Talia for a long time. When he gives her a hug after meeting her at the airport he makes up his mind though that this time he’s going to get close to her, make her see how much he wants her and make her his.
After Liam witnesses the secret turmoil in Talia’s private life first-hand the two get together in a very passionate coupling. Liam can’t believe his luck when Talia reacts with delight to his dominant nature and shows him her own submissive side. Talia, however, isn’t able to believe that Liam could really be interested in her, especially now that he knows her secret and forces herself to walk away from him even though she yearns to stay.
Will Liam be able to overcome Talia’s insecurities and convince her that he wants to be with her for the long haul, or are the barriers she’s build up around her heart just too high?

This was a very enjoyable read. While there is lot of heat and sex in this book it all springs from a well plotted story with real characters the reader comes to care about.
Talia’s insecurities are believable, her reluctance to share her private worries and her inability to trust that a relationship with Liam could be enduring all make sense in the context of the story. At the same time, Talia is a strong character, used to looking after herself and making her own way in the world, even if she'd rather not be on her own. And Liam… well, he’s the sort of guy all girls secretly dream about; strong, loyal and trustworthy.
While the story is interesting as well as well written, the sex is steamy while described in a way that makes it beautiful, desirable and never offensive.

This is not a very long story, and I for one, wouldn’t have minded a bit more of Liam and Talia. I have to admit that I’m quite curious at how their relationship will develop after the end of this story and will definitely read any sequel, should there be one.

This was a quick, exciting and very satisfying read for me and one I’m sure will be treasured by anyone who enjoys a steamy romance.

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