Thursday, June 30, 2011


Pages: 353
Date: 30/06/2011
Grade: 5-
Details: No. 3 Dr. Ruth Galloway

When this third book staring forensic archaeologist Ruth Galloway starts, Ruth is just back from maternity leave and still getting used to being little Kate's mother.
When a team of archaeologists surveying the coast line discover six bodies, Ruth is called to the scene. When it is determined that the bodies are those of young man who were shot at close range sometime in the 1940's, Ruth finds herself involved in another investigation lead by DCI Nelson, something which leaves Ruth with mixed feelings.
When it is also determined that the six man were probably German and two elderly men, who might have been able to tell the police more, suddenly die, the past has crept into the present. Somebody is very determined to keep the secrets from the past just that, secrets and will go to any lenghts to make sure that they do.
Ruth finds herself juggling motherhood with work, feeling guilty over every minute spend away from her daughter yet excited to be out and about again while also trying to figure out her relationship with Nelson. However, it isn't long before all of those concerns fade to the background and the only priority in her life becomes, staying alive.

I'm really enjoying this series and half sorry that I'm now up to date and will just have to wait for the next Ruth Galloway book to be published.
Ruth is a very realistic character. Her thoughts, feelings, strengths and insecurities all ring true and are often recognizable. The archaeology parts of the story are fascinating as is the historical thread. And I like that besides Ruth, a lot of the other characters are regulars in these books too.
The books in this series are also very well written. Griffiths knows how to describe a landscape in such a way that you can actually see it and get a feel for it. Her characters are all individually recognizable and multi-dimensional. And her mysteries are well plotted and keep me guessing until the moment the author decides it is time to reveal all.
A good read, and a well earned 5- for this book.

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