Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Pages: 179
Date: 21/06/2011
Grade: 4.5
Details: Young Adult

 Ruben and Cameron Wolfe are teenage brothers. When their father loses his job, the family is in financial trouble. One day Ruben is noticed when he beats another boy up for insulting his sister and soon afterwards both Ruben and Cameron are offered the opportunity to take part in illegal boxing matches for money.
While fighting doesn't come naturally to Cameron, the narrator of the story, Ruben takes to the competition like a fish to water and appears unbeatable. But, as Cameron slowly discovers, the question is who Ruben is fighting. Is he up against his opponents, or is he really fighting himself?

This is a wonderful story about two boys/young men, growing up and coming to terms with who and what they are and discovering their place in the world.
Markus Zusak, as always, does a brilliant job depicting the inner life of teenagers. Writing a moving story, without ever becoming sentimental.
I loved this book especially for the way in which it showed the non-verbal communication between Ruben and Cameron. The way in which they told each other so much without ever using a lot of words, or even saying what they were really feeling. This may be a book filled with boxing and violence, two things I'm not a fan of, but underneath, and in reality this is a book about love and solidarity.
This was a great reading experience for me. Markus Zusak hasn't let me down yet.

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