Sunday, November 21, 2010


Pages: 282
Date: 21/11/2010
Grade: 4+
Details: No. 1 Viola
            Junior Fiction, age 12 - 14

I love everything by Trigiani. She could write about potatoes growing, and I would marvel at her way with words, This book didn't let me down.
This story is about 14 year old Viola. When her parents have to go to Afghanistan for a year for a movie project, she's send to the Perfect Academy boarding school, much to her displeasure.
She's convinced that she will be miserable, having to spend a year amidst strangers in South Bend, Indiana, away from everything she knows and loves in New York City. Her only real connections with her past life are provided by her computer and her video camera which she uses for a video diary.
But, the Perfect Academy has a few surprises in store for Viola. Over the course of the school year she learns about friendship, love, making movies and ghosts.
This was a fun read. Viola is a very likable character. A true teenager and therefore rather self-absorbed but also quick to recognize her own shortcomings and willing to see the best in others.

You know you're reading a good story when you find yourself smiling at certain passages while with others you suddenly discovers your eyes are tearing up. If you discover that you actually care about the characters in a story the author has done a great job. And all of these things happened to me today, while I was reading this book.
I really enjoyed spending time with Viola and am delighted to discover that there is a second Viola book scheduled for release next April. I'm looking forward to reading "Viola in the Spotlight" when it comes out.

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