Monday, November 8, 2010


Pages: 389
Date: 08/11/2010
Grade: 5
Details: no. 16 Harry Bosch, no. 3 Mickey Haller

Although Harry Bosch and Mickey Haller have crossed paths before and now both know that they are half brothers, this is the first book in which Connelly has his two heroes working together on one case.
Haller is asked by the District Attorney to prosecute a special case. Over twenty years ago a man was convicted of killing a young girl and sentenced to life imprisonment. Now DNA evidence has put that verdict in doubt and Jason Jessup is about to be released. Haller is to be the special prosecutor of a re-trial, and although he suspects he's being set up for a fall, he accepts the job asking for his ex-wife Maggie as his second chair and Harry Bosch as his special investigator.
Both Bosch and Haller are convinced that Jessup was guilty of the crime and are determined to get him convicted again. But Jessup has a very good defense lawyer, who won't stop at anything to get his client pronounced innocent and in the process earn him millions of dollars.
Through Bosch's investigations it seems that the prosecuting team has everything they need in order to get the second conviction. But Jessup is a loose cannon and about to throw a major spanner in the works.
As always, Michael Connelly has written a very good and gripping mystery, made even more interesting by the fact that alternating chapters are told from either Bosch or Haller's point of view. But this book is more than "just" a terrific thriller. We also see the two half brothers getting closer and their daughters meet for the first time.
Connelly has stated that he doesn't like repeating himself in his books, so it's unlikely that we'll see Haller prosecute a case, or work together with Bosch again. However this book does seem to indicate that the budding relationship between the two men will be further developed in future books, and I certainly hope it will be.

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