Saturday, October 23, 2010


Pages: 368
Date: 23/10/2010
Grade: 5
Details: no. 1 The Moorhawke Trilogy
Re-read for Bookclub discussion

I'm not usually a fan of re-reading books. When you read a book for the second time there are no surprises and therefore, usually there's less tension. But, that wasn't how it felt this time. I enjoyed this book and story even more this time around than I did in September of 2008 (click here for my review at that time).
If that is because I just rushed my way through the story the first time around, or because I know the characters better now that I've finished the trilogy I don't know. All I know is that I was just as eager to keep on reading and stay in the story as I was two years ago, that my heart was breaking for Wynter Moorhawke once again, as she saw her life changed beyond imagination and was forced to make impossible decisions.
Wynter Moorhawke is 15 years old when she and her father, Lorcan, return to King Jonathan's court after an absence of five years. But, what should have been a happy homecoming soon turns sour as they discover that nothing is as it used to be. Crown Prince Alberon has disappeared and his father is busy erasing all signs that he ever existed from the kingdom while forcing his bastard son Razi to accept the role of crown prince. 
Razi doesn't have any desire to ever become king, and knows he will never be accepted as such, but when the king threatens to kill his friend Christopher if he doesn't cooperate, Razi is left without a choice.
And before too long all are left without options.Tolerance and good will which used to characterize the kingdom have been replaced by mistrust, violence and torture. In order to stay free and alive Wynter, Christopher and Razi will have to make impossible decisions and leave behind all they love. Risking their young lives to safe a kingdom on the brink of destruction.
This book is so beautifully written. The reader experiences the story through Wynter's eyes, discovering and learning to understand what's happening around her as she does. In doing so the reader is also part of her dilemma's and the heartbreak her chosen path brings her. 
I can't recommend this book enough!!

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