Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Pages: 400
Date: 05/10/2010
Grade: 4.5

A ghost writer is asked to finish the job of writing the memoirs of a former British Prime Minister. His predecessor was close to finishing the job when he died in what could have been an accident, a suicide or even a murder.
Although the "ghost" has reservations about taking the job, his curiosity and pride soon take over. And with the fee offered being a multiple of what he usually demands, he finds it hard to refuse what should be an easy job.
Adam Lang, the former Prime Minister, is staying in Martha's Vineyard, and that's where the ghost joins him and his entourage. At the same time the PM is accused of war crimes during the war on terror, which pushes the tension in the household up.
It soon turns out that the already existing version of the memoirs is uninteresting and very badly written. But, as the ghost starts his interviews with Lang and his own research he finds that what should be a rather routine job of rewriting someone elses work turns into an investigation into his predecessor's death and the truth about Adam Lang's political past and possible CIA connections. And the deeper he looks, the more danger the ghost finds himself in.
This was a good thriller. From the very first page I got that feeling of danger coming of the book, and that feeling only increased as I got on with the story.
A nice little twist by the end, when I thought that all had already been revealed was a welcome surprise.
Of course the fact that it was so very easy to replace the fictional Lang with a well known real ex Prime Minister made the story that much more interesting. And I couldn't help wondering if there might be any truth in the conspiracy theories in the book.
A book that was thrilling, fun and very interesting all at the same time, what more can a reader ask for.

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