Sunday, September 19, 2010


Pages: 309
Date: 20/09/2010
Grade: 4-
Details: Psychological thriller

Kate has fled London and gone to the Isle of White, a place she has happy childhood memories of, a place she associates with happiness and fresh starts.
Left behind in London is her relationship with Richard. A relationship that started of exciting and exhilarating and slowly turned sinister and frightening. But by the time Richard's scary sides became visible, Kate was hooked and it took an act of extreme violence to make her flee, unable to tell even her best friend what exactly had happened.
Having told only three persons where's she going she should be safe from Richard on the island, but he won't leave her alone, stalking her with phone calls and emails, always letting her know that she is his, and unable to get away from him. 
When she's only a few days on the island a local woman disappears while on a sailing trip. The boat is found and returned to harbour, but of the woman there is no sign. Kate is intrigued by the woman and by what might have led to her death. But even while she's concentrating on somebody else's life and mystery, her own past seems to be closing in on her, making her realise that she might never be safe, anywhere.
This is a psychological thriller and as such builds it's tension slowly. It is a while before the reader is completely aware of what has happened in the past and why Kate is so scared. A very big part, too big a part for me, was concerned with Kate's thoughts, feelings and fears. It is a long time before anything actually starts happening and that, for me made, this a book that was easy to put aside. 
It's only in the last few pages of the book that action suddenly overtakes introspection, and although that section was thrilling and exciting it was also to short and a bit rushed.
Not a great thriller so, but not a bad description of what it must be like for someone to be stalked by a psychopath.


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