Thursday, July 15, 2010


Pages: 359
Date: 15/07/2010
Grade: 4
Details: no. 8 Sookie Stackhouse

After all the mayhem in the last book, All Together Dead, you'd think our heroine deserves a bit of peace and quiet. But of course, that's not what Sookie gets.
still dazed from the explosion and it's aftermath, trying to come to terms with all the deaths, and Quinn, her boyfriend, missing, Sookie is pleasantly surprised to be introduced to a relative she never knew she had and who isn't quite what you might expect. But her happiness is short lived when she narrowly escapes an attempt on her life while on her way home.
Next thing she knows, Sookie is up to her pretty neck in a war between weres. And it only just behind her when the vampires involve her in a similar and equally brutal conflict.
Throw in Eric recovering his memories of the time he spend in her house, her brother's marital problems, another betrayal by someone close to her and old problems resurfacing and it's a miracle Sookie finds time for her job as a waitress at all.
I think I've said it before, but this series provides a thrill a minute. This is pure mind candy, a fast and easy read. However, Charlaine Harris does throw in enough development of Sookie's character to keep the character interesting. And through all the supernatural madness Sookies emotions and reactions are recognizable enough to make it possible for me to relate to what's happening. 
In short, I enjoy these books.

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