Saturday, July 10, 2010


Date: 10/07/2010
Grade: 4
Details: no. 7 Sookie Stackhouse

It is really more of the same with the books in this series, but the same is fun, exciting, at times sexy and easy to read. There is nothing wrong with more of the same as long as you're enjoying and the story is original enough to keep you wondering.
In this story Sookie has been hired by the vampire queen of Louisiana to travel with her party to a vampire conference where the queen is to stand trial, accused of murdering her husband, the king of Arkansas. Also on the queen's party are Bill, who Sookie is trying to ignore after his betrayal of her and Eric, who she can't quite get out of her system, a situation that's set to get worse.
Her new lover, Quinn a Were, will also be at he conference so Sookie will have a tricky time on a personal level. 
However, her personal issues are the least of her worries during the conference once vampires start getting murdered and bombs appear in the hotel.
Sookie has to figure out what's going on, who is behind it all and who she can trust before everybody turns up dead. And even if she does manage to survive, will Sookie ever be the same again?
I'm enjoying this series. The violence never gets too graphic, and Sookie's personal problems make perfect sense, even if the objects of her confusion happen to be anything other than human. Harris manages to write about a wide diversity of creatures without ever losing side of the human side of her protagonist.

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