Friday, February 5, 2010


TITLE: WALKING IN PIMLICO, a novel of Victorian murder
Pages: 305
Date: 05/02/2010
Grade: 3.5

I'm not entirely sure what to make of this book. Although it is definitely a story of murder, it isn't a mystery since it's perfectly clear fairly early on who commited the murder. In fact, the murderer is one of two narrators in this book.
It is obvious that the author is very knowledgable about the Victorian entertainment industry, but I could have done with fewer details about that particular aspect of Victorian society.
And finally, I couldn't feel any sympathy for any of the characters in this book. The only character who appeared to have redeeming characteristics, is also the character that features least in the story.
So,although the book was good enough for me to never feel like not finishing it, there wasn't a lot there to make me excited about it. And I couldn't help feeling I might have enjoyed it more if it had been written as a proper mystery.
The book starts with the murder of Bessie Spooner, show girl and whore, with both her friend Lucy and comedian Corney Sage seeing the murderer before he gets away.
Fearing for their lives, Lucy and Corney take themselves off to other parts separately. But, wherever Corney, the other narrator of this story, turns the murderer turns up too, even if Corney isn't always aware of it.
I want to end this review with a warning. 
With the story set in the Victorian era, and mostly among the poor and down-trodden cruelty and lack of sentimentality are rife. And there is also one instance of blattant cruelty to a dog. Not a book for the feint hearted.

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