Saturday, February 13, 2010


Pages: 374
Date: 13/02/2010
Grade: 5
Details: no. 29 In Death Mystery

I really, really love this series of mysteries and its main characters, Eve Dallas and Roarke. I also like the way in which the books in this series have been progressing. With every subsequent book it seems to be more about the mystery and less about the sexy. The latter is (thankfully) still there, it wouldn't be an Eve and Roarke story without that aspect, but the balance is definitely shifting towards to crimes and how they're solved.
And, as always, Robb drew me into the story, made me feel the pain, the anger, the pleasure and the joy. She kept me turning the pages, desperate to find out how it ends yet sad that it would have to end at all. This book left me eager for the next one which, much to my joy, is already available in the shops.
In this book the victim who's crime scene Eve is called to, even though she's supposed to be off duty, is the daughter of a colleague and good friend of Captain Whitney's. The sixteen year old girl has been sexually abused in a most brutal way before being murdered; all in her own bedroom. 
Although resources are not an issue, Eve and her team can't pick up any useful clues about the murderer and his motives, until just before a second victim is discovered.
When all becomes clear, Eve will have come face to face with parts of her past once again, and will have discovered that, although it will never be easy, she's getting better at dealing with it, always sure of the love and trust of those around her.

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