Friday, July 24, 2009


Pages: 340
Date: 24/07/2009
Grade: 5
Details: no. 5 Maisie Dobbs Mystery

It is 1931 and Maisie Dobbs is asked to investigate what is going on in a small Kent village. For years now the place has been plagued by arson and other petty crimes, which have all gone unreported. It is up to Maisie to find out who is responsible and why nobody does anything about it.
It all appears to be connected to one night during World War I when a German zeppelin attacked the village. A night that left one whole family dead.
The villagers turn out to be very reluctant to speak of either the war time raid or the arson attacks since then. And with hop-picking season in progress,the village is filled with Londoners and gypsies, all adding tension to the situation.
With Maisie also facing a personal loss, she needs to bring resolution not only to the villagers, but also to her own life.
I absolutely adore Maisie Dobbs and this series of books.
Maisie for all her intuition and compassion is always a very real character with her fair share of weak points and faults.
The writing in these books is very well paced and beautiful. Such thought has gone into the construction of the sentences and the words used that these are not books to be raced through. This reader always wants to take her time and savour both the story and the way in which it was written.

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