Thursday, July 30, 2009


Pages: 312
Date: 28/07/2009
Grade: 4-
Details: no. 15 Stephanie Plum Mystery

Another dive into the madness and mayhem that is Stephanie Plum's world.
It starts when Lula witnesses how two men chop the head of a celebrity chef who had come to Trenton to take part in a barbecue cook-off.
Next thing, the killers are after Lula, who in turn wants to capture the killers because there is a one million dollar reward. Lula decides to enter the cook-off thinking the killers will turn up there, and grandma Mazur joins in as Lula's assistant. The only problem is that neither of them knows anything about barbecuing, cue several cooking related disasters and explosions.
Stephanie, who has recently split from Morelli, is double jobbing. As well as her regular bonds work, she is also working for Ranger who is facing a breach of his security firm. Of course this leads to a lot of sexual tension, and jealousy from Morelli.
Of course, she can't help but be also involved in Lula's adventures, which results in fire bombs and exploding cars.
Although there was a lot of action and madness in this book, it was not as funny as it's prequel. Which is a shame, because for me the laughs are what make the series. The only character who made me crack an occasional smile was Stephanie's dad with his mutterings.
Still, it was an easy and fun read, and just what I needed while killing time in Drogheda hospital with Dermot.

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