Sunday, April 20, 2008


Date: 15/04/2008
Grade: 4.5
Details: Audio/16 Cd's/19 hours
Narrator: Peter Marinker

This story is set in 1865-66, the end of the American Civil War, when Eliza Duane Mooney, daughter of two passengers from the STAR OF THE SEA, sets out from Baton Rouge to look for her younger brother who she hasn't seen since he joined the war as a young child.
Her journey will be filled with danger, fear and humiliation, but determination sees her through.
In Redemption Falls former General now acting Governor James O'Keefe takes in a young, apparently mute boy, something his beautiful but independent wife resents.
As the story unfolds and the various parties get closer together, yet another will orchestrate a dramatic and violent ending.
This story was told like a documentary, which made it fragmented and at times meandering. For me this was both intriguing and infuriating.Intriguing won out though, and it was not a hardship to listen to the 19 hours it took to tell the story, mainly thanks to a fabulous narrator.

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