Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Pages: 350
Date: 02/01/2008
Grade: 5-

Dr. Rose Asher, a lecturer in comparative literature, specializing in sonnets, is deeply shocked when one of her students falls to his death from a balcony. Although the police decide it was suicide, Rose can't help thinking it was murder. A murder that might well be connected to her college's residence in Florence, Italy, and sonnets that might prove a relationship between William Shakespeare and Italian poetress. Sonnets that Robin, the dead boy, may have found and hidden again.
To find prove of the murder and of the historical relationship, Rose travels to Florence and the place she left 20 years earlier when Bruno, a local academic, broke her heart.
The attraction between Rose and Bruno is still alive, but appears to again not have a chance. All the evidence Rose uncovers appears to prove that it was Bruno's son who killed Robin, and once she reveals that, how can love possibly survive?
A good story, very well researched. You almost believe the history about William Shakespeare and his Italian lover is fact rather than fiction.
The only problem for me was that I had the solution to the murder well before I was half way through the book.

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