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Word Count: 44.823
Date: 24/03/2014
Grade: 3.5
Details: no. 3 Satisfaction, Texas
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The blurb:

“Nicola "Nick" Marlow is an agent on leave after a devastating ending to her last undercover assignment when a friend asks her to come to Satisfaction to get to the bottom of a series of incidents that may just close the Whips and Spurs forever.

Micah Durrance owns the public saloon and private BDSM club and is getting desperate. His best friend, Sheriff Dace Lowe, is stumped too, and when a friend recommends Nick as a top-notch investigator they both jump at his offer.

Micah and Dace are surprised when Nick turns out to be Nicola, and shocked when she decides to go undercover as their sub. For real. Feelings escalate quickly as do the incidents as Nicola becomes a target. And what will happen when it’s all over? Is it all just a job to Nicola, or will her heart get broken when it’s time to leave?”


My thoughts:

This book is the third title in the ‘Satisfaction, Texas’ series. I haven’t read the two previous titles but never felt as if I was missing vital information while reading this book. Having said that, there were clear references to previous books, story-lines and characters and it is possible that I would have gotten more out of this book if I had read it in order.

Nicola – Nick - Marlow is a top notch agent on extended leave after her last undercover operation ended in disaster leaving her feeling guilty and the victim of devastating nightmares. Going slowly crazy at home and with no chance of being redeployed in the near future, Nick jumps at the opportunity when her former partner offers her the chance to investigate a chain of incidents apparently aimed at the Whips and Spurs Saloon and BDSM club in Satisfaction, Texas.

Micah has thrown everything he is and owns into his public Saloon and private BDSM club. The acts of vandalism and string of incidents assaulting his business may close him down if they aren’t solved and stopped soon. His best friend Dace is the local Sherriff, but limited in what he can do. An official investigation into the incidents would reveal the true nature of the private club; something both men are determined to prevent.

When they’re offered Nick’s assistance they jump on the chance. They are surprised when Nick turns out to not only be a woman but also one they’re both attracted to. When Nick offers to become their submissive for the duration of the investigation they’re both shocked and delighted.

Nick takes to submission like a fish to water and what is more, all three of them soon develop feelings for each other they weren’t expecting. When Nicola sets herself up as an obvious target, danger becomes very real. And what will happen when the case is closed and Nick has to leave again?

Let me start with the things I really enjoyed in this book. I loved the idea of Satisfaction, Texas; a place where ménages are frequent and fully accepted. And I had great fun reading about Nicola’s journey into submission and the intricacies involved in a relationship between one sub and two Doms.

It was very nice to see Diane Leyne acknowledging other genre authors (Cherise Sinclair, Lexi Blake and Tymber Dalton) early on in this story. Naming those authors gave me a good idea of what Nicola’s level of (in)experience with BDSM was and made it easier to follow her thought processes.

And, finally, I really liked the idea behind the story. I loved that the person I thought was behind the attacks turned out to be innocent, although I wasn’t completely surprised by all the revelations when they came.

There were one or two things I was less happy about though. While I liked the idea behind the story I wasn’t completely happy with how it was executed. The writing felt choppy at times; the jumps from one scene to the next were occasionally too big and sudden. I would be fully engaged in the story only to be dragged out of it by a sudden change of scenery or perspective.

The erotic scenes between Nicola and her two men had the potential to be hot and fascinating but I couldn’t feel it. I read the descriptions but had a hard time engaging in what I was reading. In fact, I had a hard time connecting with any of the characters; they just never came completely alive for me.

To summarize I would say that this is a fun and borderline hot story. It was definitely a quick and easy read and a very pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon. It just didn’t quite live up to my hopes and expectations.

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