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UNLOCK YOURSELF An Introduction to the Desires Unlocked Series

Pages: 48
Date: 12/11/2013
Grade: 5
Details: no. 0.5 Desires Unlocked
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Blurb taken from the author’s website:

This sensuous short story is the prequel to Liberate Yourself (previously published as Valentina), the first novel in the Desires Unlocked Trilogy.

In Unlock Yourself let me draw you into the seductive world of Belle when she meets the iconic silent movie star Louise Brooks while wandering in the glittering wintry streets of Berlin in 1929 on a quest to unlock the deepest, most secret part of herself. Louise takes Belle to a place where she can explore her erotic dreams and fantasies while also experience the most intensely romantic liaison she has ever known.


This novella is a wonderful introduction to the Desires Unlocked series.

The story is set in Berlin in 1928 and Ludwika has slipped away from her controlling husband. She is roaming the streets looking for something although she doesn’t know what.

“She needs some inspiration to keep her heart in motion, to stop herself from withering and fading away beneath her husband’s touch.”

Seen by her husband as the instrument necessary to provide him with the offspring he wants, Ludwika wants to feel passion:

“…a communion with a fellow soul.”

When she meets a beautiful young woman called Louise, Ludwika allows herself to be brought to a party which will open her eyes to passion and cause her to lose her long hair in favour of a haircut that makes a statement:

“I am no longer encumbered by the wants of men. What I want is what I want for myself.”

Ludwika may have to return to her cold husband before the night is over, she won’t be the same woman. With her newly acquired name, Belle, and an understanding of passion, the woman has discovered that freedom is achievable, even within the confines of an unhappy marriage, if only she has the courage to go look for it.

This free novella is a wonderful introduction to Evie Blake’s writing and her “Desires Unlocked” titles. Even with only 48 pages to work with Evie Blake gives her readers a wonderful sample of her exquisite writing, her wonderful way with words and impressive storytelling powers. At the same time, readers who have already read the first book in the trilogy, are given a wonderful opportunity to spend a little more time with Bella and find out how this wonderful character discovered her passion.

This is a lot more than just another erotic short; this is a sexy story told in a literary style. You’ll read this book for the beautiful writing as much as for the tantalizing subject.

Do yourself a huge favour and pick this free novella up from Amazon (UK or USA) and allow it to lead you on to the full Desires Unlocked Trilogy.


The Desires Unlocked Trilogy: 

LIBERATE YOURSELF (currently available)

Blurb, taken from the author’s website:

Previously published under the title Valentina, the first book in the Desires Unlocked Trilogy is now available in e-book edition under the title Liberate Yourself 12th November 2013


Milan, 2012. Photographer Valentina Rosselli is living with her lover of one year, Theo Steen, but refuses to commit to anything more. When she is offered an intriguing photography assignment, to take pictures of those engaged in the darker side of desire, she gets drawn into a shadowy world that reveals a part of her she never knew existed….

Venice, 1929. Belle is the alter ego of a well-to-do socialite, trapped in an unhappy marriage and constrained by society. As Belle she plays out her fantasies by leading a secret life as a courtesan – but she will only truly be set free by finding the man who will love her.

Though decades separate them, Belle and Valentina’s lives are intertwined. Both will experience an awakening of their latent desires, but will they discover the connection between physical passion and true love?

'Both a heartbreaking love story and a romance raunchy enough to keep you warm at night'Independent

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LOSE YOURSELF (Currently available)

The blurb, taken from the author’s website:

Previously published in print and ebook as VALENTINA ON THE EDGE, the second book in the Desires Unlocked Trilogy is now available in e-book edition under the title Lose Yourself from 12th November 2013.

2012. Photographer Valentina Rosselli has been invited to participate in a show of erotic photography in London, an opportunity she finds impossible to turn down. Yet London is where her ex-lover Theo Steen now lives. Deep down Valentina knows that Theo is the only man she’s ever loved. Is it possible that they might be able to rekindle their passion, or has she lost him forever?

1948. Maria leaves Italy to study contemporary dance in London, where she falls passionately in love for the first time – but when she follows her lover to post-war Paris, with its hidden underworld of latent desire, she finds that love induces her to behave in ways she never thought possible.

As Valentina uncovers Maria’s story, and its ties to her own, she begins to question how much one should change for love. Is she brave enough to risk her heart and step over the edge?

For my review of "Valentina on the Edge" click here.

SURRENDER YOURSELF (to be published January 30th, 2014)

New York, 2013. Valentina Rosselli is recovering her lust for life after the tragic death of her fianc├ę, Theo Steen, one year before. With her old friend Leonardo, she unlocks her inner sexuality, reaching a level of passion she’d never thought possible. Yet as she settles into her new life, a shock from the past threatens to ruin everything. Valentina must make a choice: but will she follow her heart?

Berlin, 1984. Tina Rosselli, the famous fashion photographer is permitted to cross the border into East Berlin for a single day. There, she meets a charismatic young cellist who arouses her as she hasn’t been in years. A passionate affair follows; one which will affect Tina for the rest of her life.

As the stories of the two women finally converge, both must embrace their inner desires and follow the path to true love

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