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On Thursday September 6 Conor Brady visited Bailieborough library for a reading from his recently released novel, “A June of Ordinary Murders”.

Fiona Burke introducing Conor Brady
Bailieborough librarian Fiona Burke welcomed Conor to our library while pointing out his connection to Cavan (through his grandfather) and the unexpected meeting earlier in the evening with a cousin of his.

Once the spotlight turned to Conor Brady he expressed that he felt honoured to have been included on the Cavan Libraries Summer Reading List. He also said that he is delighted that his first work of fiction has been such a success.

Before he started reading sections from his book, Mr Brady explained that an “ordinary murder” is one which has no political elements as opposed to “special crimes” which are political in nature and always take precedence over ordinary crimes. The three murders as described in Conor Brady’s historical mystery all have some basis in real events, although the account in this book is purely fictional. The same is true for Joe Swallow, the main character in this book as well as for several other characters on these pages.

Conor Brady
While reading from his work, Conor Brady picked several sections from different places in the book. The sections were picked in such a way that anybody who had not read the book got a good idea of his writing style, his characters and the setting while it brought back happy reading memories for those of us who were familiar with the story.

During the question and answer session afterwards one member of the audience asked if Conor Brady had any idea why so many of our authors, like John McGahern, seem to have fathers who were Guards. While he wasn’t sure, Conor suspected that it had a lot to do with the fact that Gardai had a habit of marrying educated women such as teachers, nurses and librarians which would have given their children access to education and to books. He also added that if you add grandfathers to the equation the list of authors with police connections would be even longer, and include Conor himself.

For me the best news of the evening came at the very end of the event when Conor Brady revealed that he is working on a second Joe Swallow mystery which should hopefully be published sometime next year. The working title for this book is the “The Eloquence of the Dead”. He then read a short section of the new story for us and I have to admit that this left me eager to get my hands on it as soon as it will be available.
Conor Brady with Marleen Kennedy, Josephine Brady and Fiona Burke
Overall this was an interesting and very enjoyable evening for all. As County Librarian Josephine Brady said in her closing words, Cavan Library Services is very grateful to Conor Brady for taking the time out of his busy schedule to come and visit us and we hope that he will be coming this way again in the future. 

With thanks to Peter McConnell for the use of two of his pictures.

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