Wednesday, November 30, 2011


When I decided to take part in this challenge I had no idea how many Irish books I usually read over 11 months. I knew it was more than the six books that would take me to the "Kiss the Blarney Stone" level, but not how many more. Well, it turns out I read a total of 28 books that were either by an Irish author, set in Ireland or in any other way related to Ireland.
Of course, I live in Ireland and work in an Irish library. Therefore it wouldn't be fair to compare my list of books with anybody elses. I'm exposed to Irish writing so much more than most other people that any comparison would be unfair.
In fact, I've decided that if this challenge takes place again next year, I won't be participating again. Not because I didn't enjoy the process, I did. Rather because I now know that I read quite a lot of Irish books and really don't need to encourage myself to do so.
I want to thank Books and Movies for hosting this challenge. I would never have given a second thought to my reading of Irish books if it hadn't been for her. 
And now of course I've got a new goal for next year. I want to improve on this years effort, so in 2112 I want to read at least 30 Irish books.


Carrie said...

I'm so glad you joined us this year! I have enjoyed reading your reviews. :)

Judith H said...

Sounds like the Irish Challenge wasn't really a challenge for you!

Good luck with your new goal.

I don't need anymore books on my wishlist, but I would love to see your top-10 Irish books that you read this year. I think I've read very few Irish writers - a few chick-lits maybe.

Judith H said...

Blast! What an awful commenting system (sorry, Marleen) - Judith H is better known as Leeswammes!

Marleen said...

Judith, I had not thought about making a top 10 of Irish reads but now that you've mentioned it I think it's a great idea and I will do so when I'm also doing my overall top 10. Probably by the end of December or the start of January. I'll be in Holland from 29/12 til 02/01 and don't expect to do a lot of blogging then.

Marleen said...

Thank you Carrie. Of course now you've said that I'm reconsidering whether or not I should do it again next year. I'll think about it.