Sunday, September 11, 2011


Pages: 315
Date: 10/09/2011
Grade: 4.5
Details: no. 9 Rizzoli & Isles

A severed hand is found in Boston’s Chinatown and soon afterwards, Detective Jane Rizzoli finds the rest of the woman on a rooftop. The victim is dressed in all black and her head has been cut so severely that her head is nearly separated from her body. Two silver hairs are the only clues found at the scene, hairs that are nearly impossible to identify.
Soon though, Rizzoli and Maura Isles make a link to a nineteen year old crime, when five people died in a shooting in a restaurant in Chinatown. A shooting which was deemed to be a murder-suicide at the time. However, the widow of one of the victims, a martial arts master, is convinced that it was just murder and that those guilty of the shooting are still out and about.
And then there are the two young girls who went missing, both were connected to the victims in the restaurant shooting, and neither of them were ever found.
With only these tenuous clues to work with and more people ending up dead, Rizzoli and Isles find themselves facing two separate but connected crimes, and no idea who are behind the attacks and murders.

I love this series by Gerritsen. Rizzoli and Isles are fascinating protagonists and as always the mystery is multi-layered. However, part of the solution is clear to the reader from the start of the book which does lessen the tension in the story to some extend.
Having said that, this was a real page-turner and there were a few surprises in the book I didn’t see coming at all. I also liked the philosophical issue about what exactly constitutes justice in any given situation. As always, things are rarely simply black or white, even if that is not clear to all involved.
Not quite a five star read, but definitely a good one, and one that leaves me looking forward to the next instalment.

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