Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Pages: 678
Date: 02/08/2011
Grade: 4
Details: Reviewed for Book Hugger through the Real Readers Programme
            Uncorrected Manuscripts Proof Copy

The book starts with the murder of a young girl.

Six months later Anna Kennedy, a young associate with a media law firm, finds herself in deep trouble when a story she was supposed to suppress is splashed all over the front pages despite her best efforts. She knows somebody must have leaked the story, but has no idea who or why. Now she has been sacked by Sam Charles, the Hollywood superstar she was representing, and in danger of losing her job with the firm.
Then she is approached by a 16 year old girl who asks her to look into her sister's death which officials are happy to treat as accidental, but the girl is sure was murder. The inquest into the unfortunate girl's death was on the same day as Anna's disaster with Sam Charles case and Anna can't help wondering if maybe there is a link between the two stories.
Initially reluctantly Anna starts looking into the young girl's death but soon, as she discovers more, her reluctance turns into dogged determination. However, Anna doesn't know who she's dealing with or how dangerous this investigation could turn out to be for her.

The above is the main story line of this book, but there is a lot more going on. The reader is taken into the world of wealth, fame, and injunctions. We're given a glimpse at the ruthless selfishness of the rich, powerful and famous, the games they play with each other and the lengths they will go to in order to retain their status.
In fact there is a lot going on in this book, with multiple story-lines and lots of action, love, and broken relationships and hearts.

I should be honest and say that I probably would not have picked up this book if it hadn't been send to me for this review. However, as my four star rating shows, that would have been my loss.
I did enjoy this book. The story is very fast paced and intriguing and I couldn't stop myself from turning the pages.
Yes, I had the source of the leaked story figured out fairly early on, but that didn't make the rest of the story any less enjoyable. I guess there is some satisfaction to be found in reading about the not so happy or perfect lives of the rich and famous. Just as it is nice to have the decent characters coming out on top while the nastier ones get what they deserve. The fact that the book feels very current thanks to mentions of phone-hacking scandals and super-injunctions doesn't hurt either.
Having said that, the way the story ends is a little bit too perfect to be believable, but it did make me feel good and close the book with a smile on my face.
In a way it's a shame this book is published in August, which is rather late in summer, since it would make the perfect beach read.

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