Saturday, July 16, 2011


Pages: 552
Date: 16/07/2011
Grade: 5+
Details: Received from and reviewed for Bookgeeks

“Three lives. One purpose. Save what’s left of paradise before all hell breaks lose”

Three unlikely individuals are fated to fight an unimaginable evil. If they succeed they’ll safe the world as we know it, if they fail, literally all will be lost.
Marc Rochat is a young man living in the bell tower of the cathedral in Lausanne where he guards the bells and inhabits a world not quite like ours while he waits for the angel he was told would come. An angel he will have to save and send home.
Katherine, a beautiful high-class prostitute is convinced that her life is as good as it can get and completely unaware that she is in mortal danger.
Jay Michael Harper is a private investigator who has no memories prior to the moment when he woke up in London and was summoned to Lausanne to find a disgraced Russian Olympic athlete.
When these three individuals get together in the cathedral the final showdown is about to begin, and their chances are not looking good.

This was an amazing story. Imaginative and completely original it blew me away.
The story is slow to start and it takes a long time before the characters, and therefore the reader, discover what is going on. It takes even longer to figure out who or what the good and the bad characters are. But the tension is there, underneath the apparently casual words of the story. And almost without the reader being aware of it, the tension builds and builds, until you find yourself in the middle of a nightmare which doesn’t seem to have the possibility of a happy ending.
I would love to say a lot more about this book and this story, but I don’t feel I can without giving away parts of the story that readers should discover as they move from page to page. So I will have to settle for mentioning that this book touched me, intrigued me, followed me in my dreams and refuses get out of my head even now, hours after reading the final page.
The writing is beautiful, the setting memorable and the story unforgettable. This book more than deserves the 5+ stars I’ve rated it.

I should probably add that both my husband and my mother in law got their hands on this book before I did, and both of them loved it at least as much as I do.

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