Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Pages: 371
Date: 09/02/2011
Grade: 4.5
Details: no. 31 In Death

I love the way in which reading a book, going back to a much loved series and its characters can be like coming home, catching up with old friends. Picking up a new book in the In Death Series, dropping into the lives of Eve Dallas, Roarke and their friends and colleagues again, brings comfort, smiles, a few tears and plenty of thrills.

This book starts off with Roarke and Eve visiting his relatives in Ireland, which, for this reader is always an extra nice bonus. I love the way in which Roberts has rural Ireland mostly unchanged from what it is now, in her vision of the future, and I can't help hoping she is right.
Back in New York, Eve almost immediately catches the murder of a limo driver who was shot through the neck with a crossbow. A murder, apparently without a motive and most certainly not committed by the person who should have ordered the limo according to the records.
When shortly afterwards a young and very successful prostitute is stabbed through her heart with a bayonet in a house of horrors, again without any clear motive and an innocent person again having been used to hire the victim, it doesn't take long to link the two murders.
It also doesn't take Eve long to figure out where to look for her murderer(s), but proving guilt is a completely different issue. Eve finds herself caught up in a sick and murderous game, duelling with those who think they own the world and can do as they please. Up against those who would love to squash her if she isn't fast enough.
As always I enjoyed my visit with Eve Dallas and her Roarke. And, as I've come to expect from the author, I was treated to a thrilling and sexy story. The reason this book didn't quite live up to the dizzying heights some of its predecessors did, lies in the fact that it was clear from quite early on who was committing the murders. The process of trying to find a way to prove it just wasn't as exciting as figuring out who the guilty party actually is, can be. Still, I spend a few very nice hours reading this book and am already looking forward to getting my hands on the next one. I really hope this series continues for ever.

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