Monday, December 6, 2010


Pages: 360
Date: 05/12/2010
Grade: 3.5
Details: no. 1 The Lorien Nine / YA

John Smith is not like any other teenager. In fact, John Smith is not his name. He's had countless names over the past 10 years, and has lived in an endless variety of places all over the US.
Ten years ago he was one of nine children who were shipped away from the planet Lorien to Earth while his home was being destroyed by the Mogadorians. Now the Mogadorians are on Earth, trying to find the nine now teenagers. The kids have to be killed in order. John is number four and the first tree have already died.
John and his guardian Henry move to Paradise, Ohio, and for the first time since arriving on Earth John is feeling at home in a community. He is also growing into his special powers, legacies, which makes the Mogadorians even more desperate to kill him. The smart thing would be to move away again, but John is tired of running from place to place. His decision to stay in Paradise will have far reaching consequences.
Well, what can I say about this book. It is not a very original story idea, the good few with special powers up against the many evil with their own powers.
The main person in the book slowly growing into his powers and facing the fight rather than run away as he and his guardian have done in the past.
A love interest, a rival who turns out to be good after all.
In short, this was a rather predictable story. It was also fairly supervisual. There wasn't any real character development. In fact, I didn't feel like I was getting to know any of the characters at all. This story was basically about the thrills and adventure, with the characters almost a burden, needed to keep the action going but without any value of their own to bring to the story.
From what I read about this book, I understand that it was written as part of a sort of workshop, especially created to bring about a series of successful young adult novels. And, that's what it reads like, something manufactured rather then lovingly written.
Having said that, it was an easy story to read and I did keep on turning the pages and can even see myself reading a sequel. So it wasn't all bad.
Apparently a movie based on this book is to be released soon.I just hope that the actors who get to play these characters in the upcoming movie manage to give some depth to the persons they portray. But either way, I can see this story being converted into a successful movie. This is the sort of story that probably works better on the big screen than on the pages of a book.

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