Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Pages: 359
Date: 10/08/2010
Grade: 4
Details: This book will be published in the UK on November 25th. I was send an ARC by Eason Bookshop/Book club after I became a Eason Book club reviewer

Shannon Fairchild has always felt a bit like the odd one out in her family and has rebelled against her parents for as long as she can remember. 
When her parents are brutally tortured and murdered, her mother's dying words to her tell her to find and warn "them", to not tell the police and a few other apparently disjointed things Shannon doesn't understand at all.
Going through her parents stuff she discovers that they were part of a militant faction of the anti war movement in the 60's, a discovery that also explains who she should be warning. But before she can set out on that path she's attacked herself by someone who wants to know where "they" are.
Soon afterwards Shannon sets out on a journey into her past, a journey that will bring her into contact with violence, betrayal, and shocking discoveries about herself and her past.
This was a reasonably good thriller and an interesting idea for a story. However the writing failed to draw me in and I never quite connected with the character of Shannon at all. It seemed to me that the story was a bit choppy. Some things just happened for what appeared to me as no reason and without enough explanation. And on one or two occasions I found what happened or didn't happen completely unbelievable. For me a good thriller should tell of something which of course is never going to happen to me or anyone I know, but just might. I never felt like that in this book.  I also figured quite a few things out long before the main character did, although the story did have a few surprises for me by the time the last page came around. 
Having said all that, the story did grab me and kept me turning the pages to see how it was all going to end, and that is what a decent thriller is supposed to do.

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