Friday, March 5, 2010


Pages: 308
Date: 05/03/2010
Grade: 3
Details: Paranormal Romance

This book was rather under-whelming. All through the reading of it I felt that the story was neither here nor there. It didn't have the thrill of a romance, nor the danger of a vampire story.
Thsi story starts on the day Elizabeth Bennett marries her Mr. Darcy and the two of them leave for their honeymoon. It should be a time of sheer bliss, but Elizabeth is worried by the look of torment that crosses Darcy's face when he reads a message. And her worries deepen when Darcy won't spend the night with her; not that first night, and not on any of the subsequent nights either.
They travel through Continental Europe, visiting Paris, the Alpes and several places in Italy. All are fascinating new places for Elizabeth, but always there is an under-current of danger and strangeness as well as the worry that maybe Darcy doesn't love her after all.
When all secrets are at last revealed a decision has to be made, a decision that could mean death or worse for both of them.
As I indicated before, this book left me indifferent, probably because there didn't seem to be a lot of emotion in the characters as they appear in this book. Nor where the intimate scenes romantic enough or the scary scenes really frightening. It was easy enough to read this book, but nothing here inspires me to go and find other works by this author.


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