Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Pages: 411
Date: 09/09/2009
Grade: 5
Details: Book 2: The Moorhawke Trilogy

Wow, this was some reading experience. And action filled roller coaster ride where neither the main characters nor the reader are allowed to let their guard down for even a moment.
Wynter Moorhawke, after having left her beloved father behind, is travelling alone through forests filled with danger in an effort to find the rebel Prince Alberon. But others are on their way to his camp as well, and most of them are deadly dangerous.
A reunion with Razi and Christopher should make the journey safer, but with old enemies closing in on them, they can't ever relax.
Joining up with a group of Christopher's people, also on their way to the Rebel Prince's camp, appears to bring them at least the safety of numbers, except that Christopher is desperate to leave them again, and unable or unwilling to explain why.
Religious and cultural differences arise and could easily tear the group apart again. They could also cost our heroes their lives.
And all the time the question remains; Why does Alberon appear to be seeking alliances with those who should be his enemies?
This book was darker and more action packed then the first one. It also revealed more about the main character's backgrounds and motivations, which I found very satisfying. Especially since the author succeeded in making them well rounded and multi dimensional.
Celine Kiernan is a master at drawing the reader into her web of mystery, intrigue and violence. Her way with words makes the world described in the book real, a place you might well go and visit one day, if you were brave enough.
Although this book does come with a "not for the feint-hearted" warning, it would be a shame to miss out on this story if you enjoy a well written, and captivating adventure.

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