Sunday, February 10, 2008


Pages: 467
Date: 10/02/2008
Grade: 5-
Detail: Published in the US as "INTERRED WITH THEIR BONES"

Kate Stanley is directing a production of Hamlet in the Globe theatre in London when her old professor, mentor and friend, Rosalind Howard turns up with a gift, asking for help in solving a mystery.
Just a few hours later Roz is dead, having been killed in a manner mimicing a shakespearian scene, and Kate has decided to solve the Shakespearian mystery she's inherited.
But in every place she looks for new clues, more death and destruction follow. It seems that someone is determined to stop her from finding the truth.
With no idea who she might trust, and the killer and the police close on her heals, the question is not only whether or not Kate will find the truth, but also if she'll live long enough to tell it.
Good, fascinating and fast pased mystery. But I had a few question marks about how close behind her the police was all the time, without her access to the clues or her knowledge on the subject at hand. And I also can't help feeling that those with a better knowledge of Shakespeare and his times might get more out of this book.

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