Monday, October 8, 2007


Pages: 717 (Large Print)
Date: 08/10/2007
Grade: 4.5
Details: Stand-Alone

Vintage Nora Roberts novel; thrilling, sexy and a real page turner.
When Reese Gilmore arrives in Angel's Fist with car trouble, it has been two years since she was the only survivor of a brutal crime. And although she is alive, she doesn't have a life. She's living with nightmares and panic attacks, and constantly on the move, running from her fear and running from herself.
She finds a job and a place to stay in Angel's Fist and dares to hope she's healing, until she witnesses a man killing a woman. Only when the authorities investigate, there is no trace of the woman or the crime, and given her background, people are inclined to think she imagined the whole episode.
The only one who believes her is Brody, a writer and an outsider like her.
When mysterious things start happening to her and her possessions, Reece fears she's sliding back, until Brody convinces her that somebody is trying to make her think that to scare her out of Angel's Fist.
Together Reece and Brody keep digging for the truth as they get closer to each other. But when at last they figure out what has been going on, it may well be too late.

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